What is Alesha card? | How to get Alesha card?

What is Alesha card? | How to get Alesha card? | What are the benefits of details??

1. What is Alesha card?

Answer: Alesha card is a privileged card or loyalty card. This card is a product or service of Alesha Card Limited, basically, it is an app based service, which cardholders can easily avail.

2. What are the benefits of Alesha card?

Answer: With this card, cardholders will get up to 50% discount from more than 3000 partners in 90 categories within Bangladesh borders. And discounts will be available at various institutions, up to 05-50%, cardholders will get free ambulance facility, cardholder's family will get Rs 50,000 to Rs 2 lakh due to accidental death, Alesha Ride, Alesha Pharmacy etc. will get different discounts.

3. Is it possible to do any banking or financial transaction through an Alesha card?

Answer: It is not possible to do any type of banking or financial transaction through this card. Because this card does not have any kind of arrangements like bank debit or credit card. It is an app-based service where cardholders can complete all types of verifications and receive services only through the use of the app but have to avail of category-based discounts by displaying the card in certain places or categories.

4. Is Alesha Card operated under Bangladesh Bank or any other such organization?

Answer: Alesha Card Limited is a subsidiary of Alesha Holdings Limited established under the Bangladesh Companies Act 1994. Alesha card is being sold as a product or service of this organization. In this case, it is not subject to the guidelines of Bangladesh Bank or any other such institution. Since no financial transaction is possible through it, Alesha Card is completely free from the scope of Bangladesh Bank or any such institution like Bank or any other financial service provider.   


6. Is Alesha Card associated with Alesha Mart Limited?

Answer: Alesha Mart Limited has no affiliation with Alesha Card. Alesha Card is a product or service of Alesha Card Limited. Alesha Card Limited and Alesha Mart Limited are two completely different companies. Both are subsidiaries and independents of Alesha Holdings Limited...

7. How to purchase an Alesha card and what is the price?

Answer: The card holder must be 18+ years of age to purchase an Alesha card and receive services. To purchase Alesha Card, you need to sign up through the website (www.aleshacard.com) or through the Alesha Card app. Then you have to apply for Alesha card and the card holders can buy the card subject to payment of the prescribed price of Rs. 6960 and verification of information. Note that Alesha card is being provided free of cost to all heroic freedom fighters and heroines and up to 50% discount has been fixed on the price of the card for Bangladeshi citizens above 65 years of age.

8. What is the value of the Alesha card and how long is its validity?

Answer: The price of the Alesha card is 7980 rupees and the validity of this card is 1 (one) year.

9. How to get an Alesha card after purchase?

Answer: Alesha Card is basically an app-based product or service. In most places except for certain categories, cardholders will be able to use it after purchasing the Alesha card and verifying the information and getting approval. Cardholders will receive Alesha Card as soon as possible according to their specified address.

10. Do I need any money or registration fee to be a partner of Alesha Card Limited?

Answer: There is no need to pay any registration fee or money to become a partner of Alesha Card Limited. A businessman can apply to become a partner through the app or website according to the category. The trader can easily become a partner subject to verification and approval of information.

11. What share of profits do the partners of Alesha Card Limited share with the company?

Answer: Alesha Card Limited does not have to share any profit with any partner. According to the agreement, the company will only provide a certain amount of discount to the cardholders from what the partner will sell. Besides, there is no other type of financial transaction or liability partner company with Alesha Card Limited.

12. Is it possible to purchase products or services directly through Alesha Card?

Answer: No financial transaction is possible through an Alesha card. Therefore, it is not possible to purchase any type of product or service. With this card, the cardholders will get the prescribed discount facility only from the mentioned partner. In addition, the specification, addition, subtraction, change, enlargement, cancellation, etc. of the product or service is not included in the Alesha card.

13. Alesha card service is applicable everywhere in the country and abroad?

Answer: At present, the service of Alesha Card is limited to Bangladesh.

14. If Alesha Card Company does not pay the partners, will the cardholders not get the service?

Answer: Absolutely. Alesha cardholders are obliged to offer discounts or services from all designated partners as per the agreement. The partners do not have any financial transactions with Alesha Card Limited. So there is no chance of not getting such service.

15. Who will take the responsibility if Alesha's card sells this card to the customer and disappears with the money?

Answer: There is nothing to take responsibility for here. Simply put, the partners have an agreement with Alesha Card Limited and they are obliged to provide all the services to the cardholders as per the agreement and time frame. Alesha Card Limited, a subsidiary of Alesha Holdings Limited, is not a single entity that will disappear. [So if Alesha Card Ltd. sells this card to the customer, even if it disappears, there is nothing to blame anyone.]

16. Is there any commission/payment to be given to Alesha Card Company for giving a discount to Alesha Card Partners?

Answer: No !!! This agreement of Alesha Card Limited with partners is completely free. They have no commission/payment to Alesha Card Limited. On the contrary, we brand partners through websites and apps to promote their business development.

17. Do Alesha Cardholders pay any commission to Alesha Card Limited?

Ans: Alesha cardholders only pay a lump sum Tk. 7980 at the time of purchase of the card and there is no other commission/payment.

16. Is the price of the card 6960 rupees including VAT and tax?

Answer: The price of the Alesha card is Rs. 6980 including VAT and tax. There are no more hidden charges at this price.

19. Why is the payment gateway used in the Alesha card?

Answer: Since Alesha Card is a website or app-based product or service, in case of purchase, the price of the card is being taken at Rs. 6980 through the payment gateway. Having a payment gateway, the government can easily monitor the issue of VAT and taxes and it is transparent to all.

20. What is the referral facility of Alesha Card?

Answer: Anyone can make income through card sales by making references through Alesha Card's referral system.

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