20 FAQs About Upay Mobile Banking | How To Open Upay Account !!

উপায় মোবাইল ব্যাংকিং সম্পর্কে ২০টি  FAQ | উপায় একাউন্ট খোলার নিয়ম ও সুবিধা


1. What is the "Upay"?

Ans: ‘Upay’ is a mobile financial services brand of UCB Fintech Company Limited, a subsidiary of United Commercial Bank (UCB), the country's leading financial institution.

2. Does "Upay" have a mobile app?

Ans: Yes, Upay has an Android mobile app, which can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store.

3. How do I open an "Upay" account?

Ans: Android phone users can register themselves, download and install the "Upay" app from the Google Play Store and open the account yourself.
And Button phone users will be able to open an account from any agent point of "Upay". Then you will need a photocopy of the national identity card and 1 passport size photo.

4. What is the USSD code of "Upay"?

Answer: * 268 #

5. What is the cash-out charge of "Upay"?

Answer: The lowest cash out charge of the country in "Upay" is 1.4% if you cash out from Agent Point at Tk 14 per thousand. This facility is available only when cashing out with USSD.

6. What is the cash-out charge of "Upay" when cashing out from ATM?

Answer: 8 Tk per thousand if you cash out from UCB ATM.

7. What are the benefits of opening a "Upay" account?

Ans: The benefits that can be availed:
On the 1st mobile recharge of any amount within 7 days of setting the PIN, the customer will get a cash reward of Tk.

8. Where can the "Upay" cash reward be used?

Ans: With cash-reward money, a customer can recharge mobile, make any bill and payment.

9. What can be done using the "Upay" app?

Ans: Everything can be done using the "Upay" app:
i. Can be cash-in, cash-out
ii. Send money free,
iii. Admin free from any bank's Visa / Debit / Credit Card
iv. All kinds of utility bill payment charge free, merchant payment free
v. Fee and traffic fine can be paid for Indian visa application
vi. Each “Way” account has 4 wallets for the convenience of the customer (Primary Wallet, Disbursement Wallet, Celery Wallet and Remittance Wallet)

10. What bills can be paid from the "Upay" app?

Ans: All kinds of utility bills can be paid using the "Upay" app, such as: -
i. Electricity Bill (DescoPostpaid, DPDC Postpaid, West zone Postpaid)
ii. Gas Bill (Jalalabad Gas, Bakhrabad Gas)
iii. Water bill (Dhakawasa, Khulnawasa) and
iv. Credit card bills (UCB Credit Card, Lanka Bangla Credit Card) can be paid.

11. How many "Upay" wallets?

Ans: There are 4 wallets (Primary Wallet, Disbursement Wallet, Celery Wallet, and Remittance Wallet) in each "Upay" account for the convenience of the customer.

12. Can the "Upay" account be admitted from the card?

Ans: Yes, it can be administered. From Visa / Debit / Credit Card of any bank. Add Money Free.

13. Does "Upay" have a call center?

Answer: Yes, there is a call center which is open 24 hours a day, the call center number is 16268.

14. Is it possible to recharge the mobile from "Upay"?

Ans: Yes, mobile can be recharged.

15. Is it possible to transfer funds from "Upay"?

Ans: Yes, funds can be transferred.

16. Is it possible to buy a ticket from "Upay"?

Ans: Flight tickets can be deducted from the Upay (Gojayan, BD tickets), bus tickets can be deducted from (BD tickets), launch tickets can be deducted from (BD tickets).

17. Do hotel bookings go by "Upay"?

Ans: Hotel booking can be done by Upay (from Gojayan).

18. Is there a way to make a donation?

Ans: Donations can be made by Upay of (Embassy of the State of Palestine, Human Eyed Bangladesh Foundation, Amal Foundation, One Taka Ahar, Vidyananda).

19. Is it possible to pay zakat from the "Upay"?

Answer: Zakat money can be paid from the Upay (Center for Zakat Management, Indomitable Bangladesh Foundation, Mastul Foundation, Bangladesh Thalassemia Foundation).

20. Is there a way to pay for insurance?

Ans: There are ways to pay for insurance (Guardian Life Insurance).


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