How to install and set up Google Tag Manager in WordPress???

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Installing Google Tag Manager in WordPress at a Glance: There are three ways to install Google Tag Manager in WordPress. Here are the three rules.

1. Create a Google Tag Manager account.

2. Login WordPress admin panel.

3. Method-1: Install the plugin “Google Tag Manager For WordPress”.

4. Method-2: Install plugin “Insert Headers & Footers”.

5. Method-3: Edit Your Theme

6. Publish and Preview.

How to install and set up Google Tag Manager in WordPress ???

1. Creating Google Tag Manager Account:

Step-1: First visit any browser - When you visit, you will see an interface like the image below. Click Create Account from here.

Create Google Tag Manager account

Step-2: After clicking, you will see the following interface. Enter your "Company Name" here and select Country.

Then you will see the Container Setup a little below. Enter the URL of your website in the Container name here, but cut out https: //. Then select Web and click on Create.

Step-4: Then click 'Yes' in Terms of Service.

Step-5: Your Google Tag Manager account has been created. You need to submit the following code or Google Tag Manager ID to your website.

2. Login WordPress Admin Panel: To log in to the WordPress admin panel, you need to type wp-admin after your website's domain name. (For Example: Then you will see the interface below.

3. Method 1: Install Plugin Google Tag Manager For WordPress:

Step-1: To install the WordPress plugin, click on the Plugins section from the WordPress navigation bar. Like the picture shown below.

Step-2: Then you can see the following interface. There is an Add New button at the top. Click on that button.

Step-3: There is a search bar on the right side, type "Google Tag Manager For WordPress". Then you will see. Now install and activate the plugin.

Step-4: Then if you hover over or click on WordPress Settings, you will get the option of Google Tag Manager. Click on Tag Manager. Like the picture below.

Step-5: Then go to Google Tag Manager and copy the Google Tag Manager ID and put it in the empty space below and save it.

Step-6: Then submit to Google Tag Manager. You need to install the Google Tag Assistant extension to see if Google Tag Manager's tags fit the website correctly. You can install it from the link below.

****Google Tag Assistant Extension: Install Here   

If the tag is set correctly then the tag manager ID will be green. Like the picture below. Then you can submit the code of Google Tag Manager in the website in two more ways. It is shown in method-2 and method-3 below.

4. Method 2: Install Plugin “Insert Headers & Footers”: Install this plugin just like the episode. The Insert Headers & Footers plugin is shown in the image below. There are two houses here. Paste the <head> code in the upper head cell and the <body> tag code in the lower body cell and save below. Then confirm the tag with Tag Assistant.

5. Method 3: Edit Your Theme:

Step-1: If you hover over the Appearance navigation in the WordPress dashboard, you will see the Theme Editor option at the bottom. Click on this Theme Editor.

Step-2: Don't be afraid to look at the code here. Click on the header.php option from the Theme Files on the right. Notice the code this time. Here you will find the code of the head of Google Tag Manager under <head> and at the end of </head> <body> you will put the code of the body and click on Update file.

6. You can go to the latest Google Tag Manager and see Publish and Preview. I have tried to show 3 methods through this article. I hope the article will be helpful to you. Thanks for reading this article.


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