How to install or setup WordPress theme??

You can install themes in WordPress in two ways. Uploads downloaded themes and installs directly from the WordPress theme gallery. It will be shown here in two ways. I hope you will understand if you read the entire text. First I will show you how to activate the theme by uploading it in WordPress. Let's get started.

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How To Install or Setup WordPress Theme??

How to install by uploading downloaded themes:

Step-1: How to upload and install themes in WordPress: -

When uploading and installing themes in WordPress, you first need to understand what theme or what theme you will install? You can install two types of themes here. Premium and free themes. To install a premium (which is not a free purchase) theme, you need to download the theme of your choice from Themeforest.

Step-2: Then go to your WordPress dashboard. You will see Appearance in the navigation bar there. If you open the hover of Appearance, that is, if you keep the computer mouse, you will see another section. From there, click on Themes. Like the picture below. 

Install or Setup WordPress Theme??

Step-3: After clicking on the Themes option, you will see the following interface. From here, click Add New.

Note: If you have any other themes installed here before, you can see those themes below.

Install or Setup WordPress Theme??

Step-4: Then the two options are shown in red. "Search theme" & "Upload Theme". If you want to install a free theme, search for the name of the theme from the Search theme (this is the WordPress theme gallery) and install and activate it. And if you want to install the downloaded theme, then click on the Upload Theme option.

Install or Setup WordPress Theme??

Step-5: Click on Choose File and select your downloaded theme from the location on your computer and open it. Then you will see that the text Install has become clickable.

Note: You must put the downloaded theme in the zip (.zip) file and upload and install the zip (.zip) file. 

Step-7: Click on Install text. After a while, you will want to activate the theme. Then click on Activate. Follow the image below.

Step-6: You will see the latest interface below. If you wish, you can customize the theme from here.

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